How to oversee employees: free spy software for android can help

Every businessman wants to control his workers. He needs to be sure that they do not waste their working time and do not share corporate information which third people.

Free spy software Hoverwatch can solve many problems. This invisible supervisor designed to detect cheating and track employee’s location. Think about spy apps if you want to build trust in staff. It can be the easiest way to do it.

Thanks to spy software for android your workers:

  • Will start their working day effective.
  • Won’t waste time for observing Facebook feed page.
  • Will do job much better.

Any employer can supervise staff actions. And it is not important to sit in the same office. You can directly supervise your workers being far away. All you need is only to use free spy. Using special spy app employer can establish trust to his staff.

How does Hoverwatch work?

This free spy software for android is a special tool designed to spy. It cannot be tracked but such app gives an opportunity to track everything you want! Using it you can check your husband, wife, friends and, of course, employees!

Hoverwatch helps to increase effectiveness level of any worker.

The basic tools are:

  1. Monitor employees’ attendance. It’s enough just a pressing of a button in the morning — and you’ll see who is at work who is late.
  2. Monitor what your workers are doing at their working place. Maybe some of them came out to without your permission. You can control images directly on workers’ computer displays. You’ll see any activity workers have made on their phones too.
  3. Monitor employees’ activities after work. Pressing just one button, you’ll find media files and photos of your staff. It’s the way to understand if workers were honest to you or not.

Everything they’re trying to hide reveals. One reprimand and nobody will want to violate labor discipline. Be sure, your staff will be a little shocked. No doubt, workers will not lie to you anymore.

Free spy software for android are so powerful. It’s true. Such app does not require a significant level of operational memory. It uses GPS-navigation. Hoverwatch attaches to phones via the SIM-card. So your workers can change their phones but you’ll be able to detect their location.

In fact, many employers have already used this device! Do it too! And your workers will be more disciplined. It’s a chance to build trust in staff.

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