Spy software for android free: a professional look

When you want to choose a spy software for android free, first of all you need to find the answers for common questions. Of course, people have the right to know information about the spy application and its functionality. You can choose one of 2 ways: ask all you wonder at the producers’ support teams or to find answers for the common questions here.

Many people want to obtain a spy software for android free. And most of them ask the same questions about a program.


You need to know and remember that:

  • Spy app is installed on the mobile phone of the person you want to maintain control on, so you need access to that device (for some minutes). There are some models with specific features that give an opportunity to install spyware wiretapping via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth channels. Of course, you need some abilities and skills. It’s not so easy.
  • Spy app is installed in the same way like a normal program. It’s not visible in the phone after the installation. The installation of this application for eavesdropping is possible just for some models of mobile phones (with Android 2.1 and dsit and iPhone 4 / 4S / 4C / 5 with iOS 7.x. operational system).
  • The device on which you want to install spy app should have Internet connection. The permanent Internet connection is better than periodical. It’s important for the full-functional work of the app and for realization of its main features.
  • Spy app works invisible for the owner of phone. It’s a hidden and wiretapping software. So nobody will know that he is tracked.
  • Management of spy application is carried out by SMS commands. You can control situations by your personal account using web server interface. It’s possible to access from laptop, personal computer, tablet.
  • Usage of a spyware for any cell phones gives an opportunity to control of address book, call history (time and duration), SMS correspondence. You can determinate subscriber’s location by WI-FI, GPS. Using spy app, you’ll be able to control of phone as GSM eavesdropping bug. It will be recording everything that goes on around. All recordings of calls can be saved in your personal account. When you have time you can download audio files and listen to them. Are you wonder in remote blocking of SMS and calls from the black list? It’s possible too. Due to such app you can control of Skype, WhatsApp, Gmail correspondences and other installed programs.

The main advice: if you want to install spy app first of all test the correct operation of functions on the monitored smartphone model.

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